About Us

More than 2 decades later, QUANTA SAL is still the paramount provider of plumbing, heating, sanitary products and accessories. 

Who we are

Powered by 40 years of experience in supplying construction projects with durable, trusted, eco-friendly hygienic products and materials, together with our owner’s efforts and knowledge in the field, we successfully advanced and made Quanta the exclusive agent and distributor of key plumbing brands and heating & sanitary product range in Lebanon. 

Quanta warehouses are located in sin el fil, covering a well-equipped space to instantly supply your project with material and to facilitate providing your developers and plumbers with large quantities of the most reliable sanitary products on the market. 

Our Approach

Quanta made headlines for its efficiency in the marketing and the distribution of pipes and fittings for water and heating materials. The company is also recognized for supplying complete systems for underfloor heating imported exclusively from Germany and for providing drainage solutions made of advanced plastic lines (i.e. Polypropylene, PVC, and PP-HT). This variety of resources placed the company in the construction value chain and material supplier. 

Our Expertise

We aimed for success and we achieved a logistic center to support our client’s need of quick provision and fast delivery.